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[aprssig] Re: APRS for Skywarn ?

Ron Cluster rcluster at rgisp.com
Sat Dec 31 19:54:26 UTC 2005

See below,

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> Hi all,
> Ron C. wrote:
> >[the capability of showing specific types of stations on their
> map] can be
> >done with UI-View32 ...
>      Yes, but with WinMacAPRS,  you can show temp, baro, winds
> and precip data
> in lieu of the station's callsign.  With APRSDos, you can show
> similar info as
> well - either temp/wind, temp/baro or temp/precip (I think - Bob
> B, correct me
> if I misstated this.  AFAIK, the only way to show a station's WX
> data requires
> active user intervention (such as clicking on its symbol), which
> folks in your
> NWSFO may not know about ... or not have the time to bother with.
>  The display
> on WinMacAPRS and APRSDos provide  this information without such
> intervention,
> if the displays are set up appropriately.

Which isn't at all what your original message implied UI-View was not able

You can move the mouse pointer over a callsign in UI-View and you will get a
pop up tool tip that contains info about that station, including the weather
info if the station is transmitting weather data. No clicking required.

If you want to watch data for a particular station, double clicking on the
station brings up the small detail window which will stay on top of the map
and also displays the weather info. You can have as many detail windows open
as you want.

If you are also running NWSGet, you have the ability of downloading and
overlaying the current NWS radar images on top of the Precision Mapping maps
in UI-View. (Possibly not too useful for a NWS installation of UI-View, but
it's pretty dang cool for the rest of us...)

73.....Ron.....AC7TK.....(-9 Mobile, -2 Wx, -1 Work)
UI-View32 iGate in Eugene, OR

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