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[aprssig] ISS/ PCSAT joint operations announcement

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 1 02:59:23 UTC 2005

Just look for the intersection of thier ground coverage
circles.  If they intersect, they can see each other.

>>> johnk.mchugh at att.net 1/31/05 9:51:03 PM >>>
Bob, how close do they have to be to see each other?

John, K4AG

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Joint digipeating ops between ISS and PCsat 2-10 Feb
>This was posted over on the SAREX list and I know
>I am not supposed to cross post, but in case anyone
>missed it.
>The point here is that we will have two satellites both
>supporting the identical alias of WIDE and so  you will get 
>not the usual 6 passes a day, but 12 or more  passes a day 
>on 145.825 to do a DIGIpeat QSO. 

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