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[aprssig] PCSAT Freq?

Larry Cerney lcerney at viawest.net
Tue Feb 1 03:06:23 UTC 2005


Hi Bob;


I was attempted the other day to digi through PCSAT, I did.  While checking
to see what frequency to contact it on I went to the PCSAT page
http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/iss-faq.html and there the frequency was
145.828.  My APRS radio only has 5 KHz fine tuning so I could only go
145.825 or 145.830.  So, I used my base station, FT-847,  with another TNC
and used that for the contact.  I know with Doppler and all you need to dial
up and down to stay in tune with the satellite, but my question is, what is
the Freq?  Is it 145.828 or 145.825?






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