[aprssig] Ultimeter II & KPC3+

Bruce, KQ4TV aprssig at almostanywhere.com
Wed Feb 2 08:28:08 CST 2005

I have a KPC3 Plus (v8.3) that I am using at home with my Igate 
I have hooked my Ultimeter II to the GPS port, the second read-only 
serial port wired through the radio port.
I am using the following settings:

gpshead 1 #
LTP 1 aprs via wide,OHX2-2
BLT 1 every 00:05:00

The station location is showing up via both RF and internet but I am 
not seeing any WX data.
Has anyone else successfully made this work?

Bruce W. Martin, KQ4TV
Trustee for AA4VU
Vanderbilt University Amateur Radio Club

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