[aprssig] Newer GARMIN GPS Units OK for APRS?

Kurt O. Jauss kf6hjo at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 2 09:17:29 CST 2005

I run a STREETPILOT III with my D700 and it does place the stations on 
the map as WAYPOINT.  Also my new Garmin 296 had a lot of problems with 
APRS as it would cause memory problems. They updated the software and it 
didn't upload any waypoints. The last update works great.


Ev Batey WA6CRE wrote:

> Ralph, Let me know what you find .. I'm getting too blind for my GPS-V 
> .. Some fellow lids have assured me the newer Garmin series are 
> APRS-Proof ..  I dont think they were enough evidence for me as they 
> dont do APRS.  Thnx.
> <snip>
>> Does anyone know if the newer (?) Garmin GPSes in the 300 and 2600 
>> series
>> would work for APRS?
>> <snip>
>> Ralph KC2RLM

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