[aprssig] 2206 joint pass ISS/PCSAT

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Feb 2 13:06:59 CST 2005

Important note about Dual Hops via ISS and PCsat:

Remember that if both are on top of each other
(have the same footprint), then attempting dual
hops is the proverbial *shooting one's self in the foot!*

You double the QRM, guarantee a collision from both
spacecaft and ruin communications for everyone.
The only value in a dual hop is when they are widely
separate and you are in view of only one, and the other
one is over another continent.

Therefore the ONLY dual-hop packet should be an
INTENTIONAL one explicitly enteirng the desired
double hop as VIA PCSAT-1,RS0ISS-3 or the other
way around VIA RS0ISS-3,PCSAT-1.  

I rescind our recommendation for WIDE,WIDE.  That was 
a bad idea except when only one is in view!

de Wb4APR, Bob
USNA PCsat Command Station...

<kenneth.g.ransom1 at jsc.nasa.gov> 2/2/05 11:01:57 AM >>>
The Kenwood radio on ISS was changed over to 145.825 shortly after a
successful contact over England at 1254 UTC. PCSAT and ISS will have
extended periods when the satellites will be in view of each other. One
pass beginning about 2206 UTC today (Feb. 2) looks to be promising for
operations over N. America.

PLEASE, no unattended operations due to PCSAT's power budget.

The ISS should remain on 145.825 until Feb 10.

Kenneth - N5VHO
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