[aprssig] 2206 joint pass ISS/PCSAT

David Rush david at davidarush.com
Wed Feb 2 14:49:49 CST 2005

Well, I've succeeded in getting into each independently, but no double-hops.

12.5V 10C
12.5V 10C
12.5V 10C
12.6V 10C
12.6V 08C
12.6V 06C
12.6V 06C
12.6V 06C

I was using the now-discouraged WIDE,WIDE path, but the time when both 
birds were in my view was limited, and I didn't have time to go reprogram 
the path (using an OpenTracker sitting out in the back yard on a vertical 

I think I'll try a path of PCSAT-1,RS0ISS-3 for the next pass at 22:10z, as 
I'm in the PCSAT footprint longer than I'm in the ISS footprint.  ISS goes 
almost right over my head (69 deg), and PCSAT's hits 45 deg.

David, KY7DR

At 12:06 PM 2/2/2005, you wrote:
>Important note about Dual Hops via ISS and PCsat:
>Remember that if both are on top of each other
>(have the same footprint), then attempting dual
>hops is the proverbial *shooting one's self in the foot!*
>You double the QRM, guarantee a collision from both
>spacecaft and ruin communications for everyone.
>The only value in a dual hop is when they are widely
>separate and you are in view of only one, and the other
>one is over another continent.
>Therefore the ONLY dual-hop packet should be an
>INTENTIONAL one explicitly enteirng the desired
>double hop as VIA PCSAT-1,RS0ISS-3 or the other
>way around VIA RS0ISS-3,PCSAT-1.
>I rescind our recommendation for WIDE,WIDE.  That was
>a bad idea except when only one is in view!
>de Wb4APR, Bob
>USNA PCsat Command Station...
><kenneth.g.ransom1 at jsc.nasa.gov> 2/2/05 11:01:57 AM >>>
>The Kenwood radio on ISS was changed over to 145.825 shortly after a
>successful contact over England at 1254 UTC. PCSAT and ISS will have
>extended periods when the satellites will be in view of each other. One
>pass beginning about 2206 UTC today (Feb. 2) looks to be promising for
>operations over N. America.
>PLEASE, no unattended operations due to PCSAT's power budget.
>The ISS should remain on 145.825 until Feb 10.
>Kenneth - N5VHO
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