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[aprssig] It ain't just Ellay that needs fixin'

Smokey Behr smokeybehr at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 3 01:53:47 UTC 2005

I just got the APRS kit fired back up and running here at the house. I
booted up the CALIF.MAP, and let it run. A few interesting things came

#1: I'm in the center of California, running VHF RF only. Why the hell
am I seeing digis from Utah? WIDE7 and TRACE7 is the reason.  

#2: There's a LOT of stations running stupid paths. Any more than 1
WIDE or WIDE2-2 is just stupid. Even worse is (call), WIDE2-2, (digi),
WIDE2-2. I saw WIDE, WIDE, WIDE3-3 in one packet. That's worse that

#3: What's with gating out-of-country posits to local VHF? I'm annoyed
with out-of-STATE posits, and here I am seeing a PJ on the map. If I
want to see DX posits, I'll log into one of the TCP/IP servers. 

I know that not everyone reads this list, but it would be nice if
everyone would follow some simple rules, it would make everything far
simpler and more useful. Bob has started with a LOT of good
suggestions, now they just need to be propagated down through to the

John "Smokey Behr" Gleichweit FF1/EMT, CCNA, MCSE
IPN-CAL023 N6FOG UP Fresno Sub MP183.5
List Owner x6, Moderator x4. 

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