[aprssig] WinLink Stations on 144.39

A.J. Farmer (AJ3U) ajfarmer at spenet.com
Wed Feb 2 23:49:10 CST 2005


I'm not talking about APRS objects.  I'm talking about the TelPac nodes as
listed in the Winlink TelPac database.  I counted 15 of them that are listed
as OPERATING on 144.39.  Please check this link from my original post and
you will see what I'm talking about:



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I think what you might be seeing are OBJECTS and not STATIONS.  I doubt 
there are WinLink Telpac nodes
"operating" on 144.390....or at least in that quantity.

They are valid objects, however.

A typical Winlink object packet will look like:

;DM24UD   *030503z3408.75NW11417.50WaWA6OFT-15,145.550,1200b,WL2K,PARKER, AZ

This tells Mobile APRS users about the Telpac node that is LOCAL to the 
WA6OFT-1 Igate.  It leaves the Igate with a path of WIDE2-1, which allows 
one hop paths in my LOCAL area.

73, Jim, WA6OFT

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>I made a disurbing discovery today.  There are 15 registered WinLink nodes
> operating on 144.39:
> http://www.winlink.org/status/TelpacEx.aspx
> I found this out by accident when searching for a local node and found one
> registered on 144.39!!
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