[aprssig] WinLink Stations on 144.39

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Thu Feb 3 00:30:15 CST 2005

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> Jim,
> I'm not talking about APRS objects.  I'm talking about the TelPac nodes as
> listed in the Winlink TelPac database.  I counted 15 of them that are 
> listed
> as OPERATING on 144.39.  Please check this link from my original post and
> you will see what I'm talking about:
> http://www.winlink.org/status/TelpacEx.aspx
> A.J.

A quick review may indicate that they is in specific geographic locations 
where this "might" be an acceptable practice due to low UI traffic.  It 
really could be a practical application in some cases.  I know it's been 
tested to work AOK in low traffic conditions.  If the TNC's are working 
right and the channel is not booked solid, they could co-exsist.
I would not do that here, but in a pinch with limited equipment, etc., I do 
see the possibilities in other areas.
Some TNC's can easily handle both digi and uidigi without much of a problem.

73  Jim, WA6OFT

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