[aprssig] 9600 baud capable radios

Gerhard F5VAG f5vag at nerim.net
Thu Feb 3 01:03:45 CST 2005

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> Since we are use 9600 mostly on TCPIP and APRS this is not a problem. TCPIP
> sends very large frames ,1000bytes each so txdelay is not a problem.
> On APRS my station transmits only every hour so txdelay is not a problem
> here too.

Well, that's a major difference, George. I'm on a really busy packet frequency.

> D-700 and V-7 can use a txdelay of 8.
> But...... Other stations cannot hear me, when using such low txdelay,
> because they cannot recover so fast after transmition.

That is often the case because someone still uses squelch operation for the
receive side. If they would operate squelch open and use fast carrier detect
in the TNC they would need less TXD and allow a better bandwidth usage.

But that's only necessary for busy frequencies.

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