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[aprssig] WinLink Stations on 144.39

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Thu Feb 3 07:28:41 UTC 2005


I brought this same thing up about a month ago, one fellow
Operating on 144.000, another on a repeater split, IT JUST
IS STUPID on the part of the WinLink folks but MAINLY just
People who "register" a node using wrong info.

What's happening is that there is a "registration form" available
On the WinLink site.  By the fault of the WinLink folks, it is
Totally unclear exactly what the purpose of that form is for.
MANY PEROPLE have entered info into this online registration
Thinking that it will give them a registration number to allow them
To use the TelPac software.  Apparently some folks who do not ever
Intend to actually operate a TelPac node enter SOMETHING into the
Form as far as freq etc to fill up the forms empty squares.  They
Do not realize that the info they enter is added to the database,
And the TELPAC NODE database assumes that everyone who completes a
Form will actually operate a node on the frequency they entered on

The irony is that you DO NOT need to fill in the online form in 
Order for the TelPac software to be used.  And currently there is
No mechanism to verify that the entries added to the nodes listing
Database are real nodes or just folks wanting a registration number.

There are about 15 entries for the greater Seattle area in that nodes
List.  Only 1 or 2 are actually active.  I have sent numerous e-mails
To the Winlink folks expressing concern and so far they aren't too
Worried about it, because supposedly in the near future the nodes listing
will be derived from on-the-air activity in near real-time.

So in reality of the 475 or so entries on thatTelPac nodes list,
Maybe as many as 90% are actually bogus.  They do no check the actual
Nodes to verify the list is correct.  STOP WORRYING.

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> Jim,
> I'm not talking about APRS objects.  I'm talking about the TelPac nodes as
> listed in the Winlink TelPac database.  I counted 15 of them that are 
> listed
> as OPERATING on 144.39.  Please check this link from my original post and
> you will see what I'm talking about:
> http://www.winlink.org/status/TelpacEx.aspx
> A.J.

A quick review may indicate that they is in specific geographic locations 
where this "might" be an acceptable practice due to low UI traffic.  It 
really could be a practical application in some cases.  I know it's been 
tested to work AOK in low traffic conditions.  If the TNC's are working 
right and the channel is not booked solid, they could co-exsist.
I would not do that here, but in a pinch with limited equipment, etc., I do 
see the possibilities in other areas.
Some TNC's can easily handle both digi and uidigi without much of a problem.

73  Jim, WA6OFT

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