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[aprssig] Re: GOOGLE hits

Richard Amirault ramirault at erols.com
Thu Feb 3 18:06:37 UTC 2005

----- Original Message ----- 
>From: "Keith - VE7GDH"
>PS - near the bottom of the page at 
> you say "Search Google.com for 
>"APRS PACKET RADIO" and >get 16,000 hits!" You might want too update that. 
>Google now reports 83,300 hits.(snip)
Well if you type that phrase _without_quotes_ ... yes, that's how many hits 
.. BUT .. if you enclose that phrase with quotes then you only get 861 hits. 
The first search picks up any instance of APRS, of PACKET, and of RADIO not 
necessarily in the same sentence.  The second only the exact phrase APRS 

IF you search for just APRS you will get over a million hits!  (1,110,000)

Richard Amirault              N1JDU
Boston, MA, USA          Go Fly A Kite 

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