[aprssig] Re: GOOGLE hits

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Thu Feb 3 15:22:15 CST 2005

Keith - VE7GDH schreef:
> Good point. Yes, different search phrases will yield different results.
> I searched for "APRS PACKET RADIO" without the quotes.  At least on
> Google, that would search for "APRS" and "Packet" and "RADIO". Adding

Well I would keep "Packet" and "Radio" together since when the page is 
realy about packet radio likelyhood is big that these two are ajacent.

A search for:

APRS "Packet Radio"

Gives me 46.300 hits. Now I don't know the search rules Google uses but I 
can imagine that this depends from where the search is started - so your 
results may be different. 46.300 is enough for me...

The first site for me is "packetradio.pagina.nl" which is a dutch site, so 
it is looking at where you are from... Second is the TAPR Home Page, very 
good! Bob's site is not on my first page, too many Dutch links for me...

Kind regards,


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