[aprssig] New WIDEn-N Paradigm (MAJOR MOD)

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Sun Feb 6 13:51:09 CST 2005

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Yes, because I too realize that some digis will never change
>is why I realized that the Interstate concept is a dead-end
>Its useless without a coordinate length of digis.  Also
>when the first Paradigm came out, we didnt realize we 
>could trap Large N's in existing TNC's.
>Once we realize that ANY TNC out there now can help
>TRAP large values of N, then WIDEn-N trapped down
>in each area to what the network can handle is the smartest
>approach.    It will work.  AND we can keep the SSn-N
>system too as a way to work special needs.  Bob

I am not at all sure this will work with the UIDIGI firmware for 
TNC2's.  Of course I should have checked this before speaking up, but 
perhaps someone has checked and can confirm or deny?  If as I suspect it 
doesn't, then really you are only talking about KPC3's.  There are a lot 
of UIDIGI's out there, particularly in NW Minnesota where 90% are that type.

The best bet would be for the UIDIGI author to simply implement a limit 
on N, can't be that hard.

No one better than you, as the high muckymuck of APRS, to try to twist 
the authors arm.  He doesn't pay any attention to me.

Ron, N5IN

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