[aprssig] Icom 207H

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Sun Feb 6 21:34:35 CST 2005


Describes the mini din pin out


1       TXA     Transmit audio (AFSK out)
2       XCD     External carrier detect
3       PTT     Push-to-talk
4       CTRLB/AN0       Control line B (or AN0 input)
5       RXA     Receive audio (AKSK in)
6       GND     Ground
7       EXT-IN  External input for Power/Reset
8       CTRLA/AN1       Control line A (or AN1 input)
9       GND     Ground

So. Mini DIN 1200 RXA goes to pin 5
     Mini DIN PTT goes to pin 3
     Mini DIN Ground goes to pin 9
     Mini DIN DATA IN goes to pin 1

This took about 2 minutes of googling. Please use google or other search 
tool in the future - if I found it you could have also.
At 10:14 PM 2/6/2005 -0500, John Johnson wrote:

>Is anyone using an Icom 207H for APRS? I can't seem to find the pin out to 
>hook it up to a Kantronics KPC3. It hook up via the min din connector. 
>Thanks for the help.
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