[aprssig] FindU Maps Quirky

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Mon Feb 7 01:21:51 CST 2005

Steve, if you zoom in to street level on my FindU map, 

You'll notice that although I am actually located about 1 mile

>From the water, a significant amount of the streets in my neighborhood

Are depicted as being in Puget Sound, yeah, in the water!


I don't suppose there's much to be done about it, except FYI.

But it would be nice if most of the neighborhood wasn't "underwater".

Although I could stand an improvement in property values with a coastal

Lot. ;-)


Gee, looking at Seattle a little closer now, there seems to be thousands of

Depicted as being in the drink.  Any hope of correcting this??

Does this link show what I'm talking about:




The geo-registration seems to be WAY off.


Ray - WB3ABN

Kingston, WA

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