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[aprssig] Re: The Ultimate New WIDEn-N Paradigm

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 7 19:02:13 UTC 2005

>>> Wes Johnston <aprs at kd4rdb.com> 2/7/05 1:42:00 PM >>>
>If we use UIDIGI set to WIDE2-2,WIDE2-1,WIDE3-2,WIDE3-1 ,
> we've used up all four slots.  Fine, but what about support 
>for RELAY?  The hierarchy has always been that low stations 
>respond to RELAY and higher stations respond to WIDE...

I think this will be the "great debate" for the next few weeks.
There are so many positives to this New n-N Paradigm (as
recently revised) that I am almost ready to make these
additional changes:

1) Eliminate WIDE completely.  It is obsolete and generates too
    many dupes when used.
2) Discourage RELAY.  It also generates too many dupes.
3) Only QRP trackers (under 5 W) may use RELAY,WIDE2-2.

Here is how we can work WITHOUT RELAY:

1)  Universal path for mobiles is WIDE2-2.
2)  It will work everywhere and is the most efficient path.
3)  In wilderness areas, WIDE3-3 and larger are possible
4)  QRP trackers may still use RELAY,WID2-2
5)  In "holes" here is what we do:

A) Recognize that a lot of the old "holes" were not really
    RF holes, but were "weak areas" that beacuse of the
   distance to a digipeater, the mobile was not heard beacuae
   of all the QRM that the digi was also hearing.  Since the
   New n-N Paradigm will cut  QRM by a factor as much as
   3 to 5 in some areas, many of these "black holes" may
   no longer be "holes"...

B) In fact, many of these home digis and black-hole RELAY
    digis were not really "hole digis" but base-station "multipliers"
    to allow a low power tracker to usurp the power of the
    base station to be heard.

C) If in fact a local fill-in digi is needed, then give it the alias
    of WIDE2-2 and RELAY.  This way he will get at least one
    hop in that weak area.  And a low pwer tracker can be
    forwarded (though I think they all need the separeate 144.99
    alt-input as a much better solution.)

D) Only QRP trackers will be encouraged to use RELAY,WID2-2.
    This is because most of them will never hit two RELAYS and
     so the DUPE problem will not exist.

E) Discourage all mobiles from using RELAY,WIDE2-2 if they
    are running more than 5 Watts.

As we turn off all the QRM, I'd like to hear some people 
that used to think that RELAY,WIDE was their required path,
to experiment with running just WIDE2-2 (after their local
digi's implement New n-N so there is not so much QRM at
the digi..


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