[aprssig] The Ultimate New WIDEn-N Paradigm

Eric Christensen kf4otn at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 7 13:23:19 CST 2005

So what is the point of using WIDEn-N, again?  What have we changed to reduce the QRM?  By eliminating the use of WIDEn-N, we are reducing the amount of out-of-area QRM that comes in.  By eliminating WIDEn-N on the digipeaters, we keep those users that don't know about proper settings or that can't be swayed to support proper settings from inundating the fragile LANs that we are working to maintain.

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>>> Eric Christensen <kf4otn at earthlink.net> 2/7/05 2:00:41 PM >>>
>My only problem with this "solution" is that what happens
>when a digipeater has to do dual roles?  I mean that from 
>your LAN the outside LANs would seem like the offending 
>digi that would need to filter out the crud.  BUT from that digi's 
>LAN yours seems like the offender.  

By eliominating the ##LINKn-N idea, now there are only two n-N roles, WIDEn-N and SSn-N, and all digis can support both. If one takes the CUT-OFF approach, then he cuts-off his incoming and his outgoing QRM (no problem there).  If he takes the TRAP-OUT approach then he is helping everyone in the network and is hoping others will do the same to limit their QRM from reaching him...


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