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[aprssig] Re: FindU Maps Quirky

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Mon Feb 7 20:11:17 UTC 2005

Jim, I'm not criticizing any of the incredible volunteers who
make this service possible.  Until recently I had no interest
in FindU or the maps.  Now I do recall that Steve provided you
the old FindU machine when the current server was purchased.
Isn't it less than a 1GHz box with something like 128mb?
Memory isn't all that expensive and might be the easiest way
for an immediate improvement to be realized, so what type
and how much do you need?
Steve has suggested a load-share effort to split the processing
between two or more servers.  Presently I don't have a fast
Internet connection but am working on it.  The major problem is 
that I'm more than 3.4 miles from the phone switch so DSL is
not available here.  When the house was built they didn't complete
the cabling, but I *think* I'm okay from the pole to the outside
Inlet.  If I can get this sorted out and manage to get a cable
modem, I have several big Compaq RAID servers just sitting around
 and could easily put together a 4-processor system with about
24GB RAID-5 and 2GB RAM.  If more storage is needed I have a few
external RAID cabinets populated with 24GB.  I'm not sure how quickly
I can resolve the cable issue, and to be honest I'm not sure the
upload speed of cable modems, if this would even be a viable
location to host the effort, so maybe the efforts should go toward
upgrading your hardware instead?

I think it's a worthwhile effort.

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> Make them accountable!!!!  ONE MILE+ ERROR IS REDICULOUS!!!

It's actually an unfunded 20-year-old who is making the ridiculous error. I 
run geo.aprsworld.net which is providing the maps for findu that you are 
talking about. 

To fix the problem I need to turn on more layers, which requires processing 
and rasterizing more data, which is too much for the crappy hardware which I

have. Steve K4HG gave me the original findu machine to use for the findu 
maps. The machine is performing well, but it is a 4 year old machine that is

way too slow and has way too little ram to be doing what it is doing. If I 
turn on more layers that require more data then there will be no more maps 
because the machine just can't take it.

Note: I'm not claiming the TIGER data which the maps are based upon is 
accurate (it isn't entirely), but the problem you are seeing is not because 
of the TIGER data. It is because I'm running a 1:1M shapefile of the 
continent and 1:25K tiles for the street level data.



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