[aprssig] Re: d700 miniDIN

Bill Herrmann bherrman at spro.net
Mon Feb 7 15:55:36 CST 2005

>> I guess everyone's seen those plastic phone splitters....
>> wonder if they make those in rj45? Wes

Be aware that many phone applications "flip" the connector internally.
Phone stuff handles that just fine. Microphone connectors may not... You
may be able to undo that flip by either using a short cable or moving
connections inside the connector.

Another thought since you only need PTT and ground. You might be able to
take one of the female-female RJ45 connectors and carefully split it to
tap into the appropriate internal wires and just bring out the two you
need. Use a short cable to connect it to the radio and you're in business.
Check whether it has the "flip" and build the cable accordingly.

Note: I say "flip" since if you look at both ends of a flat phone cable
you'll see that the connectors are physically oriented the same way, but
are facing in opposite directions since they are on opposite ends of the
cable. This has the effect of flipping the order of the wires.

Trivia: RJ45 is NOT a connector specification, but a wiring specification.
There are several others that all refer to the same connector. There's
actually a name for the connector, but it slips my mind at the moment.

Bill - who used to do a lot of phone stuff

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