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[aprssig] javAPRSFilter 3.0 Released

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Tue Feb 8 14:38:21 UTC 2005

Hi Pete,

Maybe it is too early for this to be in effect, but my experiment of 
"-p/CW*" for the Los Angeles area does not seem to exclude the CW* stations.


AE5PL Lists wrote:

> Roger Bille, SM5NRK, has released an update to javAPRSFilter which has
> now been installed on all core servers and most tier 2 servers.  The new
> release is documented at
> http://www.aprs-is.net/javaprssrvr/javaprsfilter.htm
> Roger has added two features to the new javAPRSFilter.  All previous
> features still perform as the have before.  The first new feature is the
> ability to specify the latitude and longitude in range and area filters
> in decimal degrees (comma or period are acceptable decimal points).
> This gives you much better granularity when specifying geographic areas.
> The second feature is the ability to specify exclude filters.  Think of
> the current filter types as include filters.  In other words,
> r/33/-96/200 says "include in the data stream to the client any packets
> from stations which are within 200 km of 33N/96W".  You can now specify
> r/33/-96/200 -p/AE5PL  This says "include in the data stream to the
> client any packets from stations which are within 200 km of 33N/96W
> except any stations with AE5PL as a prefix".  It is important to not
> that this only affects what the filter approves for sending to the
> client.  It does not affect standard port operation such as messaging
> support.  Messaging for IGates and clients remain unaffected by filter
> settings.
> Any "include" filter can be made "exclude" by simply adding a hyphen
> (dash) (-) to the beginning of the specific filter.
> Roger and I monitor the APRS SIG for any questions.
> 73,
> Pete Loveall AE5PL
> mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 
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