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[aprssig] Re: FindU Maps Quirky

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Tue Feb 8 14:40:01 UTC 2005

James Jefferson Jarvis wrote:
> Jason and SIG,
>>why software raid?
> Hardware RAID would be okay too, I guess. I've just had a few Adaptec hardware 
> RAID cards that have swallowed up arrays. In fact I have a 2100S and three 
> SCSI drives sitting next to me - hasn't been online in over two years - 
> because the controller will randomly mark one of the disks as being bad and 
> then go into degraded mode. I've also stuck a cold spare into a RAID-1 array 
> to have a hardware controller nicely rebuild a blank image on to the good 
> drive. Linux software RAID, even when grossly misconfigured, has never given 
> me any data loss.
> As much as I hate to admit it, bang-for-the-buck software raid on high end IDE 
> drives is pretty hard to beat. 

Based on a LOT of hard-earned research lately, if it's hardware RAID on 
Linux, I'm only recommending 3Ware.  I've also had very good results 
with Linux s/w RAID and recommend it as a close 2nd place to 3Ware 
hardware solutions.

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