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[aprssig] OT - Simply MEPIS Updated

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Tue Feb 8 15:10:55 UTC 2005

The MEPIS group has issued an update to SimplyMEPIS and clarified the
differences between what SimplyMEPIS is and what ProMEPIS will be.

What was recently released is SimplyMEPIS 3.3 Test02. This represents the
code freeze for the SimplyMEPIS final release in a a few weeks. Simply
MEPIS, is/will be the LiveBoot CD for MEPIS. It is ProMEPIS 2005.b04 with
some additions and refinements particularly to the installation and the GRUB
loader interface. Sometime this year ProMEPIS will emerge as a multi-disk
installation set.


I finally moved from LiveBoot CD and installed SimplyMEPIS 3.3 Test02 on my
HD and its great. Seems rock solid. I don't think I can remember dealing
with a test version of anything this solid; though truly this would probably
be more aptly considered a "release candidate 1"


For those of you without broadband, the SimplyMEPIS disk is available from
my website along with a number of other disks ...


----------- Note about Ye Olde Disk Shoppe -------------
I have been able to find some new suppliers with better bulk pricing. The
cost has been dropped to a flat $3.50 per disk for both CDs and DVDs,
effective immediately (2/7/2005).

Cheers ... 73 de brian, n1bq, underhill center, vermont

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