[aprssig] New mapping interface

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Tue Feb 8 10:51:10 CST 2005

That is absolutely cool Jim!  Great looking maps I might add.. Wonder 
how long before they realize the bandwidth is too much?


James Jefferson Jarvis wrote:

> This morning I added it to the pull-down list on the aprsworld interface. Take 
> a look at this:
> http://db.aprsworld.net/datamart/switch.php?call=n1vg%25&table=position&maps=yes&search=Search
> I still need to get the labeling stuff correct, but it could be nice. Just 
> like everything else, it is US only ... unfortunately.
> -Jim
> On Tuesday 08 February 2005 10:41 am, Scott Miller wrote:
>>For those who haven't seen it yet, Google Maps is now in beta testing...
>>Awesome interface, for a web-based mapping system.  Now, to figure out how
>>to use it for APRS.  I haven't found any technical documentation yet, hard
>>to say if it's going to be useful.  Certainly worth checking out, though.

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