[aprssig] New mapping interface

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Feb 8 11:06:10 CST 2005

I think you're right about 'spn'.  Easy enough to test.  How'd you come
across this URL?

I suppose I should turn on my debugging proxy and see what kind of traffic
it's sending...


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To see where I live try

This does not show the exact position of my house since I didn't want the
bubble and shadow to show on the map.

Should be a simple matter to convert an APRS position to decimal degrees for
generating the map query.  Also, once you get the map an X can be placed on
the desired location.

Not sure what spn is but I suspect this defines the extent of the windows in
degrees, offset from the Lat,Lon.  Shouldn't take long to figure it out.

Certainly seems to be viable web mapping solution at this point.

Bill KC9XG

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