[aprssig] d700 miniDIN

Charlie Rahe crahe at infionline.net
Tue Feb 8 11:28:41 CST 2005

Wes Johnston wrote:

>Can anyone confirm that the PTT line in the mini-din connector follows the MIC
>PTT button?  I'd like to attach a tiny track to the D700 in MIC-e mode and
>would like to just plug it in to the mini-din jack.
>The reasoning for this is that the kenwood does not let me change TXdelay from
>normal packet mode to MIC-e mode and I'd end up with a much too long TXd on the
>repeater input.  I'm trying to make the packet as short as possible.
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Unfortunately the PTT on the DIN will key the transmitter of the channel 
that's set for PTT at the time. I wanted to do the same thing to get 
smart beaconing, but no joy.

It's shame they didn't put a menu item in to allow selection of either 
channel or the mike PTT.

Charlie, AI3L

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