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[aprssig] Dayton APRS/Packet Get together

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Feb 8 19:21:28 UTC 2005

Google notwithstanding, how are you supposed to find that?  The
'Conferences' link from the main page takes you to a page declaring that DCC
will be held in Des Moines.  The link from the publications section takes
you to the same place.  The DCC abstracts in the publications section ends
at 2001.

Ah, I see... the graphic on the Conferences page is a link.  But without the
'past DCC' info.  But if you click on 'Kits and Projects', you get a 1998
DCC link that gets you a new menu set.  THAT page links you to the 2003 DCC
homepage, but also has past DCC info - but again, only up to 2001.

So... just click on the 'Conferences' link, ignore the outdated information
and broken image, and click on the text image (that has nothing identifying
it as a link) and you get the current info.  Gee, don't know why I didn't
find that earlier.

Yeah, we're all volunteers.  I feel bad that some of my stuff is a month or
two out of date.  But seriously... no one has had a chance to update any of
this in the last four years?

As for getting involved, I've written two articles for the PSR, gave a
presentation at DCC (flew there, paid full price for registration and
hotel), and when I stared my OpenTracker project I was more than willing to
have it be a TAPR kit, but no one was interested.  Looking at the membership
benefits page, for my dues I get PSR (a fine publication, but zero postage
cost), a 10% discount on kits (maybe someday I'll actually order one), and
'full information on TAPR R&D projects and other activities.'  Hmm.  Perhaps
this refers to the SIGs?  I haven't gone searching for it, but I can't
recall hearing anything about any R&D projects.  Outside of what I see in
PSR, I have no idea what TAPR's up to.

I don't know if us members get to vote on such things, but I think TAPR's #1
project should be a rewrite of the website.  Nuke the whole thing and start
over.  With NO FRAMES this time!

Anyway, I'm not mad, just disappointed.

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On 2/8/05 at 9:42 AM Scott Miller <scott at opentrac.org> sent:

>Does anyone know when and where the next DCC will be?  The site still says
>Sept. 2004 in Des Moines.

First, I think N7HPR updated the DCC pages a while back:


Perhaps you were using an old URL, there are a lot of them floating around.

>And speaking of Des Moines, why isn't there
>anything on any of the past DCCs besides 1996?  No pictures, no
>no nothing.

There's a lot of info on older DCC's, though not clearly organized, but
is your friend. For example this link gives a lot of stuff in the left menu
through 2001


As to later DCCs, TAPR is a volunteer organization and is dependent on what
people write. Dues support only the most basic needs of TAPR like postage,
lines, and so on. The real work is unpaid, so unless someone volunteers to
something, it doesn't get done. So get involved!

Steve K4HG

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