[aprssig] Dayton APRS/Packet Get together

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Tue Feb 8 13:37:14 CST 2005

Scott Miller wrote:

> I don't know if us members get to vote on such things, but I think TAPR's #1
> project should be a rewrite of the website.  Nuke the whole thing and start
> over.  With NO FRAMES this time!

We've been trying to rebuild the website for more than three years.  At 
least four sets of volunteers (maybe more) have found themselves unable 
to follow through on the project, even after we dangled some modest 
financial incentives.  The problem is that volunteers only work on what 
they want to work on, when they want to work on it.  (And we've tried 
getting web design students and various other ideas that have been 
suggested.  It ain't as easy as it looks.)

The good news is that the latest set of volunteers seem to be making 
good progress and we hope to unveil the new site soon (for some as-yet 
undetermined value of "soon").  And it won't have frames.


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