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[aprssig] Re: FindU Maps Quirky

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Tue Feb 8 22:07:40 UTC 2005

Jim, Gerry, Steve and all-

 It becomes obvious that there are ways to improve APRS mapping on the
internet, and that MONEY could certainly help explore the options. Which
made me think, how to get MONEY for this.

Well, the US is a capitalist country, money begats money, right? And who
could stand to make money from a better APRS mapping resource on the

KENWOOD. After all, they are trying to sell APRS-enabled radios, sorta. So
why don't we put our heads together with the idea of WHAT COMPANIES MIGHT
DONATE SOME MONEY in exchange for a permanent banner ad on an APRS site, and
then nominate one person to collect some credentials "from the group" and
solicit those companies for some MONEY?

Personally, I think that Bob Bruninga might be the best "official rep"
because of his role in all this. I'd be willing to do the soliciting but
I've got no role in running things so they'd doubtless ask "who the heck are
you?" to me. And of course there is TAPR, another interested party.

Why not try to come up with a bill of materials for what it would take to
make a good push, equipment that would keep APRS mapping up to speed over
the next 5 years of anticipated use, and at the same time, think of some
sponsors who might foot the bill??

The cost of one "real server" is so damn cheap compared to any 4-color ad
they buy....And I'd say Kenwood is the prime party who damn well should be
interested in sponsoring a resource that would sell their radios! If not,
who knows. Another vendor might want to take that prominent role. For a
marketing cost, it is PEANUTS.

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