[aprssig] No Activity around Savannah Georgia?

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Tue Feb 8 16:14:06 CST 2005

Last August I saw a little while headed for Charlotte.. 13 Months ago going
from SEFL to NY metro as I do every few years most everything was the same
as it was for the past 8 years. Good coverage along the FL coast into
Brunswick GA, a little near I-95 in the Savannah area, a few hits here and
there in the Dillon SC area, Fayetteville and Rocky Mt. NC has some
coverage, then very poor coverage in the Richmond Area and then you hit the
"APRS Corridoor" from Manassas VA past NYC with a couple of dead spots in
the SNJ area.

Also remember that in many areas many digi's will reply to WIDEN, while some
will not and even in a couple of locations WIDE will not work while RELAY


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I'm planning a trip to Florida next week and want to use APRS to let some
folks back home track my location.

In looking at the map, it looks like there is big hole on the eastern coast
around Savannah, GA.

Is there no APRS activity in this area?

William McKeehan
Internet: mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net

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