[aprssig] Abusive path lists

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Feb 9 07:50:53 CST 2005

>>> kb4ytm at charter.net 2/8/05 10:47:19 PM >>>
>Is there a way to possibly track with findu or something similar, 
>a list of aprs stations and digi's with abusive paths (7-7..etc.)? 

Each time I sit down at home to look at APRS, that's the first
thing I do.  In APRSdos just go to the digi-path page and
select JUST WIDE7.  I do this for 6 and 5 as well.  Then
I send out a 1 hop message (via the nearest IGate) back to
the stations that I see. 

I try to be as nice as I can in one line.  Something like:
"Could U ck ur path?  I'm getting it here as 7-7. TNX"

I say 7-7 because that is the point, not 7-1 which it may
actually be decremented to by the time it gets here.
Remember, you dont have to send back the message
via RF, just one hop should get you to your IGate.
We see this guy from Canada every day or so.  And
we are 500 miils away.  Presumably if everyone sent
him messages, eventually he wouild get the point,
or at least the locals in his area would get tired of seeing
so many messages coming into their IGate from the
surrounding 500 mile radius...

>Just a idea, not sure if it would work or not.

Yes, I think it is an excellent idea, because monitoring the
network is part of the repsonsibiliyt of being a part of the
network.  HAM radio has always been about self-policing.
As long as it is done in an educational way, and not

I'm not sure what the commands are for selectively
identifying the WIDE7-7's in the other client programs.

de Wb4APR, Bob

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