[aprssig] Abusive path lists

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Feb 9 12:33:50 CST 2005

We need someone to do a FINDU study... that plots all
IGates and all DIGIS including their PHG circles.  THen
we can zoom in and see where there are more than 8
hops between IGates (4 either way). 

Maybe a better analysis approach would be to search
FINDU for the arrival of all WIDE5-X packets where
X is not 0.  If 99% of all WIDE5-5 packets are reaching
FINDU with a hop count less than 5-0, then they dont
need 5-5 in the first place.

>>> mwrobertson at comcast.net 2/9/05 12:14:12 PM >>>

What I would ask, along this line, is where are the I-Gates. If there 
are I-Gates all along the major highways and are reachable in 2, 3, or
hops, then true, truckers would not need 5-5. Or any traveler for that


In My cross country traveling, I would say, once out of the metro
you can drive for 100's of miles and there is no I-Gates. There area 
really desolate areas yet.

I would suggest that we try to fill these areas and give the traveler a

better reason not to use the extra long paths when they know better 
right now. When they do contact their families and find that they lost

them a few days ago, the traveler has a tendency to boost the power and

increase their hops. It is human nature, right?

Just a thought, not to provide a solution before asking them to 
intentionally remove them from the IS isn't right... IMHO


Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>>>kb4ytm at charter.net 2/9/05 9:49:13 AM >>>
>>So far, i have only seen 1 7-7 and he is over in Arkansas. 
>>Others are 5-5's mostly. 
> I notice that most long-haul truckers use 5-5.
> Is that really required?  I'm thinking that we should at
> least encourage no more than 4-4 even out west
> in the wide open spaces?  Or is 5-5 really needed?
> Bob

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