[aprssig] Abusive path lists : my local list

Sean Jewett sean at rimboy.com
Wed Feb 9 12:56:13 CST 2005

On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 kb4ytm at charter.net wrote:

> Here is a quick list of users I see in my log from last couple of days
> with paths that could be changed. I am seeing these guys in Western part
> of TN, usually with a few hops left on their paths. Richard

> WIDE5's
> W4ARN-1

	Sure that that is not W1ARN-1 ?  The best part about it is the
fact that it's a digi.  We were told he was going to change it to the new
paradyme (the original one that dropped WIDEn-n) several weeks ago.  In
fact, he was going to change it the day we saw him at the Gallatin
hamfest.  To date that change has never occured.  I don't know what it
will take to get him to change it.  I understand he's busy but we asked
him over a year ago to make path changes to no avail. 

It's a well positioned digi that serves the area well when it's not 
QRM'ing everything with it's RELAY,WIDE1-2 path or other such insanity 
(you read that right).


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