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[aprssig] New mapping interface

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Feb 9 21:16:35 UTC 2005

I found this analysis of how the system works:


Now, just at a glance, I think I've got an idea of how to use it for APRS.
You should be able to use Apache as a proxy, with the rewriting rules set
such that search requests and results point to your own server, rather than
Google.  Then it's a matter of writing your APRS database server to return
properly formatted XML data based on the query.

Maybe someone else has more free time to pursue this than me.  It's
certainly worth looking into... having scrollable, detailed maps, with
support for at least 10 stations on the screen at a time, plus pop-up
details, would beat the heck out of what we've got now.


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Subject: Re: [aprssig] New mapping interface

> This morning I added it to the pull-down list on the aprsworld interface.
> a look at this:
> I still need to get the labeling stuff correct, but it could be nice. Just
> like everything else, it is US only ... unfortunately.
> -Jim

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