[aprssig] Clueless Appliance Operator Observered !

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Feb 9 18:07:30 CST 2005

> I am currently seeing a mobile (pickup truck icon) with a heading of 180
> degrees on the Ventura freeway (goes east/west) with the callsign of
> "NOCALL" !

Gee, usually that guy hangs out off the coast of Africa.  =]

Every once in awhile I'll test a batch of fresh, unprogrammed trackers on
the air (at 1/10 watt) and they'll show up with bogus, simulated GPS data
around the central coast.  I'm still meeting the ID requirements, and it's
not harming the local RF net, but I'm only 30 feet from the IGate antenna,
so it shows up online.

As for the Ventura freeway (US 101), it does indeed run north/south right by
my house.  The odd number tells you it's predominantly a north/south route.


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