[aprssig] Quake info via APRS

Spider spider at rivcom.net
Thu Feb 10 11:39:44 CST 2005

You can gate on OBJECT NAME as well.


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> On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, AE5PL Lists wrote:
>> Be careful.  There is nothing to key on for gating to RF (WE7U sends all
>> of these worldwide, which can be very numerous and the object name
>> doesn't have any location information).
> If you thing those are numerous, you should see what I'm sending to
> Firenet!  To APRS-IS I'm sending quakes down to magnitude 3.0.
> Firenet gets them all the way down to 0.1.  You can see the fault
> lines in CA with all the little quakes.
>> If you are connected to a
>> filtered server port which is only passing packets for your area, you
>> MIGHT be able to get away with gating to RF.  I say "might" because some
>> areas like California receive a lot of these and there may not be much
>> available RF bandwidth.  If you do gate them to RF, please use a very
>> short path so you do not QRM other areas which might not have an
>> interest.
> People in various areas may be gating them to RF.  As Pete said, it
> wouldn't behoove you to gate them all, as there'd be too many for
> local RF.  Up here in the NW we're gating a few to RF that are in
> the Mt. Saint Helens vicinity, but I'm sending those out to a
> special call so the igate can filter on it.
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