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[aprssig] New n-N success in North Carolina

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 11 18:32:46 UTC 2005

>>> ke4tzn at cox.net 2/11/05 11:44:40 AM >>>
>We have now changed over the the new SSn-n and 
>lnkn-n here in eastern NC. Since these changes I have 
>now been able to hit my local digi 90-95% of the time using 
>only 5 watts! In the past it has taken 50 watts and only 
>50-60% of my packets have been heard.

Thank you for moving out on the New n-N Paradigm so
quickly.  But as with many things that are new, we have
already learned an awful lot about how we can still
improve things.  And since the first idea of LNKn-N and
SSn-N came out, we have learned thse new issues:

1) SSn-N is still a perfect way to go for most local ops
    it remains a great feture of the New n-N Paradigm

2) We have found that in many areas, the load due
   to the old W,W and W,W,W packets is actually worse
   than the load from large WIDEn-N packets by a big

3) We found a simpler way to TRAP large N hops without
    haivng to drop WIDEn-N completely

4) LNKn-N will never work since it simply takes too much
    coordination and wont be of any value unless all links
    in the chain are good.    It has been abandoned

What you have done is a great positive step.  But please
re-visit the New n-N Paradigm site and prepare for one
more round of changes.  Basically, send out a bulletin
reminding everyone how much better SSn-N (or Wn-N)
is than W,W or R,W.  Then you can turn back on
the WIDEn-N but with the filters on 55,66,77 or what
ever limit you want...

>This has been the best thing that has happened to APRS 
>to date. I hope we don't back track to our older ways.

ANd thanks for trying it.  And dont be upset with this
latest change.  We have learned a lot from the user
feedback and it will make it even better...

de WB4APR, Bob

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