[aprssig] USB to RS232 adapters? (again)

Ken Kinyon w7ts at comcast.net
Fri Feb 11 13:08:13 CST 2005

I have had very good luck with Inside Out networks (www.ionetworks.com)
Edgeport adaptors.  They are usually available as surplus on EBay for a
reasonable price.
I have never encountered a case where one would not work.  I have used them
for radio control ( Kenwood, Yaesu and Icom), rotor control, and Garmin GPS.
Another solution that works well if there is a Ethernet network, is the
Systech serial port hubs. They are also quite often on EBay.  They function
with their own IP address on a network and can be used by any computer on
the network with the drivers loaded.  The computer sees them as a com ports.
I have never encountered an application where they have failed to operate.
hope this helps,
Ken W7TS

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> Subject: [aprssig] USB to RS232 adapters? (again)
> Best general purpose USB-to-Serial port adapter device?
> I Hate to ask that question becase it has been asked so
> many times before, but I didnt need it then.  Now I need
> to buy some for the student lab...
> We know that many of them dont exactly replicate all
> of the serial port, Is there any that are better than others?
> thanks
> Bob
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> On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 11:16:42 -0500 (EST), William McKeehan
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> > Is there a guide for setting up an AX.25 soundcard interface using
> the RASCAL
> > hardware with Linux?
> >
> > I have the AX.25 interface working with receive, but I do
> not see how
> to
> > configure it for transmit; some pointers would be greatly
> appreciated.
> So you already have set up soundmodem? Did you get the USB or Serial
> (RS232) version of the Rascal?
> If the USB version, you are out of luck. If the serial version, you
> should configure soundmodem to key by whatever your serial port is
> (/dev/ttyS0 or etc.)
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