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[aprssig] New n-N success in North Carolina

Eric H. Christensen kf4otn at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 12 00:31:48 UTC 2005

See below...

> >>> ke4tzn at cox.net 2/11/05 11:44:40 AM >>>
> >We have now changed over the the new SSn-n and
> >lnkn-n here in eastern NC. Since these changes I have 
> >now been able to hit my local digi 90-95% of the time using 
> >only 5 watts! In the past it has taken 50 watts and only 
> >50-60% of my packets have been heard.
> Thank you for moving out on the New n-N Paradigm so
> quickly.  But as with many things that are new, we have
> already learned an awful lot about how we can still
> improve things.  And since the first idea of LNKn-N and
> SSn-N came out, we have learned thse new issues:
> 1) SSn-N is still a perfect way to go for most local ops
>     it remains a great feture of the New n-N Paradigm


> 3) We found a simpler way to TRAP large N hops without
>     haivng to drop WIDEn-N completely

This will not work.  Yes, you can trap SOME of the WIDEn-N packets
but that won't stop 4-4, etc.  PLUS, in NC we are putting additional
LANs up to support gating of weather bullitens and objects so they
don't go outside of the area. (We have someone on the Western part of
Virginia or NC that is sending out bulletins to a very WIDE area.)
So we don't have room to trap all these bad n-N packets.  By doing
away with WIDEn-N, we have freed up our network from a lot of packets
that used to come in from all over.  John's assessment is accurate.

> 4) LNKn-N will never work since it simply takes too much
>     coordination and wont be of any value unless all links
>     in the chain are good.    It has been abandoned

I disagree.  As you coordinate the SSn-N you coordinate the LNKn-N.
We ALREADY have THREE digipeaters up on the 95LNKn-N and that was
within a month.  Not a lot of work there...

> What you have done is a great positive step.  But please 
> re-visit the New n-N Paradigm site and prepare for one more 
> round of changes.  Basically, send out a bulletin reminding 
> everyone how much better SSn-N (or Wn-N) is than W,W or R,W.  
> Then you can turn back on the WIDEn-N but with the filters on 
> 55,66,77 or what ever limit you want...

I think the next best thing is to eliminate the WIDE and TRACE.

> >This has been the best thing that has happened to APRS
> >to date. I hope we don't back track to our older ways.
> ANd thanks for trying it.  And dont be upset with this
> latest change.  We have learned a lot from the user
> feedback and it will make it even better...

I disagree.  Even letting WIDE4-4 through would bring in many packets
from hundreds of miles around and then we are back at square one.


> de WB4APR, Bob

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