[aprssig] New n-N success in NC (really??)

Eric H. Christensen kf4otn at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 11 20:10:09 CST 2005

See below...

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> You know, I've been reading all the archives and trying to 
> catch up a bit, myself. We still have loads of digis in NC 
> that never even picked up wideN-N, let alone the latest 
> "protocols of the week". I was one of the guys who was 
> running wide6-6 for a while from home, as I messaged 
> constantly with folks over about 4 states and was having 
> fun.... I ASSumed that, with the decay rate of APRS, the 
> beacon was only every 30 minutes or so. Didn't know it was 
> causing all of the gloom and doom I'm reading about. 

But that IS the problem.  You are trying to utilize APRSR outside of
your ALOHA circle which does cause problems to other people's LANs.
> I saw, while reading through the archives and trying to catch 
> up, where folks had made comments about me (WB4IUY) on this 
> reflector, that I must be "_trying_ to QRM the network" by 
> using the path I had, yet only Bob took the time to drop me a 
> note and alert me that it was causing problems. I don't know 
> if the folks on this reflector are aware or not, but everyone 
> doesn't live on the web and there are amateurs who actually 
> use RF in ham radio most of the time. Before you "bust" on 
> people using APRS, simply take the time to drop them a note 
> on the mode that you actually heard them on (unless you heard 
> them via TCPIP, I guess)....

That is what the IS is for...  To help with the messaging and
retrieval of weather data, etc.  The IS allows you to not crowd the
area outside of you LAN.  As more and more people come up on APRSR
the less space we have.  So what we have to do is start looking at
the data and contacting the stations that are beaconing too often and
to far and...  So everyone will have room to play.
BTW, I remember emailing you and sending you messages via packet and
APRSR to try to help you with your path and to get information about
your area but they all went unanswered or ignored.  I know of others
that did, too.
> So, in NC we have digi's, that never went to wideN-N 
> (several, in fact). We have digi's that used to do wideN-N 
> and now don't (so someone has to use relay,wide to get 
> through). We have some that are now doing ncN-N, yet most of 
> the RF-only users (not hanging out on the web, like myself) 
> don't have a clue what's going on. This linkN-N thing seems 
> to be a train-wreck looking somewhere to happen, if a person 
> doesn't know what the highways are that have been "approved" 
> for the linkN-N stuff. Most of the guys with trackers I know 
> don't keep a laptop in the car to change paths on the fly.  
> Now I'm reading that some digi's are talking about dropping 
> relay/wide...how the heck does anyone know what to do, 
> anymore???? ...especially if they don't stay parked on this 
> reflector??

The LNKn-N is not a train wreck.  Wes actually has a very good
website about implementing the Interstate LNKs.  IF they are
implemented properly they would be a great help.  Also, this is the
best resource for information about APRSR.  The CarolinaAPRS SIG on
Yahoo Groups is also available for users in NC and SC.

> Dave WB4IUY


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