[aprssig] New n-N success in NC (really??)

wb4iuy at teara.org wb4iuy at teara.org
Fri Feb 11 20:41:19 CST 2005

>But that IS the problem.  You are trying to utilize APRSR outside of
>your ALOHA circle which does cause problems to other people's LANs.

No problem, I got the picture, in high definition now... I didn't even know
what an _ALOHA_ circle was until a few days ago. I thought ALOHA was
associated with a trip to Hawaii. I _still_ don't really understand it, but
I'm getting the point that I must be interferring with your ALOHA stuff. 

>That is what the IS is for...  To help with the messaging and
>retrieval of weather data, etc.  The IS allows you to not crowd the

What is "_IS_"?? In the previous paragraph, you typed "IS" in a way (see
above) that I understood. Now, I'm lost. Again, I don't hang out on this
reflector, so I'm totally ignorant to this term or acronym, whatever it means.

>BTW, I remember emailing you and sending you messages via packet and
>APRSR to try to help you with your path and to get information about
>your area but they all went unanswered or ignored.  I know of others
>that did, too.

Really? To what email address? I check my "play" accounts every week or so,
but with thousands of spams/months, the spam killer does a good job of
eliminating the QRM from those accounts. I do remember getting a message
from you via APRS, but I could get no ack's to my replies and just let it go
after a few days. 

>The LNKn-N is not a train wreck.  Wes actually has a very good
>website about implementing the Interstate LNKs.  IF they are
>implemented properly they would be a great help.  Also, this is the
>best resource for information about APRSR.  The CarolinaAPRS SIG on
>Yahoo Groups is also available for users in NC and SC.

I don't doubt that "wes" has a great site... I guess I should intuatively
(sp?) know to look at www.wes.com if I can't get an answer to my APRS
message to a friend. Stupid me. Again, I'm cool with the idea of a bunch of
stuff on the internet, but now... this is the _FIRST_ time I've heard of the
other reflectors you mentioned just now. I run a business that is based on
internet traffic and answer around 300 messages a day... When I come home
and play on the radio, I don't run to the computer and see what's on the
internet...I get on the radio. I know I'm not alone, and I don't begrudge
you or anyone else who lives here in the IP, but please don't assume that
all hams know this stuff or even has internet access to glean the info
you're talking about. 

I remember when MTV used to have music videos, I guess I should just
automatically assume that ham _radio_ has nothing to do with radio, these
days. You're slamming at me as if I should be sitting here on the computer
every minute to make sure I know what is really going on with the radio
facets of APRS. I don't, and I promise that I'm not the only one that
doesn't. I know one of my local ham friends who just sold some of his APRS
gear because of this mess. I now see why. You want me to give you his
callsign? Drop me a note at wb4iuy at teara.org amd I'll help you verify this

Look, I'm not blind to what everyone is trying to do. I also don't see this
as business or serious stuff that is deserving of an arguement, but rather a
hobby. I won't continue to get in the way of you serious folks' work, and
I'm sure I won't be missed as the qrm'r I seem to have become in your realm.
Watch your map, you'll see what I mean when the icon of my house disappears. 


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