[aprssig] New n-N success in NC (really??)

wb4iuy at teara.org wb4iuy at teara.org
Fri Feb 11 20:49:21 CST 2005

>>BTW, I remember emailing you and sending you messages via packet and
>>APRSR to try to help you with your path and to get information about
>>your area but they all went unanswered or ignored.  I know of others
>>that did, too.

..one other note... I appreciate that you tried to "help" me with my path. I
can only now wonder, was that to help me with my path in "your opinion", or
in the network's opinion...since you can't even agree with Bob himself on
what the protocol should be. Just now, before I pulled the plug on my APRS
station, I had one last look. I see that your opinion seems to be way in the
minority of that around the digipeated paths around NC. I think you ment to
say that you tried to get me to set my path to that which you desired my
station to be for your eastearn NC one-station/4 digi network... the
protocol-of-the-week, but maybe not what is required to be heard in an area
only about 30 miles to my west. No matter, I'm off of your screen (at least
when I grey out oj your end). 


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