[aprssig] New n-N success in North Carolina

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 11 21:12:29 CST 2005

>>> kf4otn at earthlink.net 2/11/05 7:31:48 PM >>>
>> 3) We found a simpler way to TRAP large N hops without
>>     haivng to drop WIDEn-N completely
>This will not work.  Yes, you can trap SOME of the WIDEn-N 
>packets but that won't stop 4-4, etc. 

Disagree.  Just get all digis around you to trap 4-4,5-5,6-6
and everyone wins.  Everyone else will be trapping 55-66-77
so they wont get to you.  Yes, it will take a little while, but when
all digis are trapping the big ones, the abusers will quickly
learn that anything above about 44 will be trapped and so they
will stop using it because it gets them nowhere..

>> 4) LNKn-N will never work since it simply takes too much
>>     coordination and wont be of any value unless all links
>>     in the chain are good.    It has been abandoned
>I disagree.  As you coordinate the SSn-N you coordinate the LNKn-N.
>We ALREADY have THREE digipeaters up on the 95LNKn-N and that was
>within a month.  Not a lot of work there...

Well, when we get all the users trapped down to smaller N's
I think you might want to switch back to allow travelers
with fixd trackers to pass though...

>I think the next best thing is to eliminate the WIDE and TRACE.

Yes, agree completely.  Cutting off WIDE and encouraging
people to use the much more efficient n-N algorithms is a
real winner...

>Even letting WIDE4-4 through would bring in many packets
>from hundreds of miles around and then we are back at square one.

Then set your digis to trap at 33,44 and 55 since we will
be trying to get all digis in the USA to trap 55,66 and 77

But again, I'm not  pushing  Once we get all the areas
cut back, then you can re-open to WIDEn-N later...


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