[aprssig] USB to RS232 adapters? (again)

Noel Shrum ar798 at tcnet.org
Fri Feb 11 21:28:13 CST 2005

I have a Belkin f5u109 USB to RS232 that works great.
They call it a USB PDA adapter.

I've used it to program an HT, and to talk to my GPS (under linux and 
windows.  It seems to be a full serial port.

Thats the one I'd recomend.


Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Best general purpose USB-to-Serial port adapter device?
> I Hate to ask that question becase it has been asked so
> many times before, but I didnt need it then.  Now I need
> to buy some for the student lab...
> We know that many of them dont exactly replicate all
> of the serial port, Is there any that are better than others?
> thanks
> Bob

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