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[aprssig] NCn-N Stuff

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 12 03:38:00 UTC 2005

>>> Ke4tzn at cox.net 2/11/05 8:35:04 PM >>>
>I thought the whole purpose for this change was to improve 
>the network and get away from the WIDEn-N. 

It started that way.  But analysis of actual on air data in many
areas showed that the BIGGER problem was the multiplication
of dupes from R,W  W,W and W,W,W paths that was even
worse than that caused by big N's

> Leave the WIDE and RELAY in place as a universal path for 
>those people who travel but use only a 2hop path EX. 
>(WIDE.WIDE or RELAY, WIDE). Again educate the user. 

Yes, even at the beginning of this New n-N Paradigm even
I was saying that .  But I was *wrong*.  After looking at the
data and analysing how it all works, it turns out that keeping
those old legacy paths going back to 1992 is what is really
causing the most dupes.  

WIDEn-N is the only system that has perfect dupe-elimination.  
Thus, it is best for APRS and changing from W,W type hops
to WIDEn-N is the simplest and easiest way to cut QRM 
quickly.  The only problem that remains then is Trapping the
abusers of large N.

And we can now even do that in all existing digipeaters and
with a little user education, then we're done.  An efficient
network AND a system where WIDEn-N works everywhere
(for reasonable values of N)...

de Wb4APR, Bob

out long paths is only a simple fix for uneducated users, AGAIN
education is the best. Approach it in a nice calm manner and most
will change. It's just a challenge to keep going to digi owners and
Woops we need to change again. 

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