[aprssig] WinLink and the APRS-IS

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Sat Feb 12 06:49:52 CST 2005

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> Telpac nodes on APRS-IS is good.   Real-Time reporting is great.  Being
> able to filter them if we don't want them is priceless...   (Sri - it must 
> have
> been the tequila...)

Te'-kill-ya can be a good thing at times!  It can be really bad too!
Yes, the filters are a good thing...it's like a box of chocolates.... ;)

> So this is now going to be built into Telpac?   Let me know of the details 
> and or
> any references and I'll whip up the equivalent on Linux for telpac_node.
> 73,
> Bill - WA7NWP

Yes this will be built into TelPac.  The default servers will be 
firenet.us and clspco.firenet.us and they will rotate between them
and use the firenet only port 3272.  If the folks want their Winlink Object 
to be seen on the APRS-IS they can select a port on FireNet or
use any APRS-IS server and the appropriate port....FireNet.us port 14580 for 
example, would work fine and I am testing there now.
Under Setup, they have the option of setting the PHG parms, Grid location, 
server and port.
Users can also select if they want their nodes to do all this or not.....it 
is the individuals choice.  Nothing is really being forced on anyone.
It is a very simple set up and I think the biggest issue we'll have is 
firewall issues.

73  Jim

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