[aprssig] APRS W,W and W,W,W example

Keith Allen ag4ac at netscape.com
Sat Feb 12 10:09:02 CST 2005

Hi Bob.  Not dumb at all.  I'll answer as I go.

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>I hate to ask some dumb questions, but its hard to know 
>exactly what you are talking about?
>1) Is this a KAM acting as a digi at a very good RF site?
I'm at approx 800 ft elevation. Medium to low level.  The nearest wide 
digi is atop a Mt 2407 ft on Mt cheaha, Al.  It is 30 miles away.

Relay digi is 16 miles away in another direction, which makes a kind of 
triangle with mine being the northernmost point.

>2) Is your KAM a home station that you want to turn into
>   a digi?  Is your site high enough to make any real 
>   difference?
My KAM is acting as a relay digi.  AG4AC-9

>3) Why is your home station needed as a digi?

Without it, in this hilly/mountainous region, often times local mobile 
stations don't seem to get very far, my mobile included.

>4) If the site is that valuable, then might be time to change
>    the TNC to an old TAPR-2 clone and run UIDIG roms 
>    or something?
A good choice.  Unfortunately, I am fully disabled and very tight on 
funds at the time.  Being on a fixed income raising three teenagers is 
indeed a challenge.  However, will change as is possible when funds 
permit.  The other two stations I mentioned are WB4GNA (Wide digi at 
2407 ft) and K4SCC (relay digi about 600 ft elev).  an evaluation and 
suggestions/comments welcomed by myself.

>I have to ask these questions because many Home station
>relays and the use of RELAY is actually one of theproblems
>we are trying to phase out of the system.  Also a lot of the
>need for home relays was to overcome all the QRM.  If we
>cut the QRM down, then many home statiosn probably are
>not needed anymore.
Understood.  If you check Central alabama, you'll see how we are 
situated here.  Lots of mountains and just a few digis at all right 
now.  Lots of nooks and crannies to hide a signal in.  Part of the 
problem is effective coverage of digis in the area.

>In otherwords there are just a lot of issues involved in these
>decisions, and we should not be giving advice on-line
>unless we thouroughly udnerstand the unique situation...
I appreciate your taking the time to explain more of the issue.  PLease 
feel free to comment back at your leisure.

73.  Keith.  Ragland, Alabama.


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