[aprssig] new path for balloons (?)

K. Mark Caviezel kmcaviezel at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 13:48:24 CST 2005

I'm trying to keep up with the path discussion here.
I've previously flown balloon-borne APRS xmitters on
144.39 with your recommended "WIDE" path.  Even though
most of the balloon tracking team will get direct line
of sight reception, the single "WIDE", to get a
lateral shot when the tracking team is 'nulled'
directly under the balloon. 
Is the "WIDE" still a good choice ?   
Or, "WIDE1-1" ?   
Or, "W1-1" ? 
The long time local club high altitude balloon club
here in Denver had a winter fun flight lined up
yesterday with FIVE, count em FIVE, aprs transmitters
(many undergoing experimental check out) on the flight
string.   But the FAA shut us down as there was too
much cloudcover.    It may fly next Saturday.   And
don't worry, only one is on 144.39. 

- KMC ng0x (ng0x-11 at high altitude is Wx balloon,
ng0x-11 at low altitude is my hot air balloon.) 


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