[aprssig] New n-N success in North Carolina

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Sun Feb 13 20:35:03 CST 2005

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Bob said:

By getting rid of RELAY, WIDE, TRACE, TRACEn-N
and SS paths and going to a single recommendation:

"USE WIDEn-N with N being appropriate for your area
(2 or 3 in most areas) "


Now I'm really confused....I thought we were going to SSn-N with SS being 
the state abbreviation. Now we're dumping SS, RELAY, WIDE, TRACE, TRACEn-N 
and going to WIDEn-N only? Or is SS dumb two letter state abbreviations and 
SSn-N the smart decrementing replacement for WIDEn-N and TRACEn-N?

I thought the idea was that SSn-N was going to act pretty much like TRACEn-N 
(with callsign substitution), and adding some sort of trapping for WIDEn-N 
that was too large.

When this gets settled I would like to know the following things, so we can 
evaluate doing whatever we're going to do (given I don't have a clue 

We have 3 types of digi's in our network. They are ALL necessary, so please 
don't say we should eliminate one type or the other. We have UI-View32 
stations that are smart digis. We have UI-Digi, dedicated eprom based digis. 
We have a few Kantronics digis (dedicated).

1. Just how are we supposed to set up ui-view32 to support SSn-N and trap 
the WIDEn-N (abusive) paths. Please be SPECIFIC....if anyone knows.

2. How are we to set up our ui-digi's (smart eprom based digis) to support 
SSn-N and trap the WIDEn-N (abusive) paths. Please be specfic.

3. We have a variety of Kantronics digis, all of which support WIDEn-N. 
Settings for these to accomplish the above, if we are supposed to be 
accomplishing the above, given I can't tell any more.

Example of what I'm looking for, for each platform:

In ui-view32 setup > digipeater setup: check the following boxes, uncheck 
the rest. Set the following aliases....

In ui-view32 make the following changes to ui-view32.ini for SSn-N support.


For ui-digi, change the following parms:

(fill in the blank here with additions, deletions and modifications)


For Kantronics: which firmware versions need what kind of changes to what 
parms, when acting as stand alone digi's?


How 'bout this: when whoever is doing the "figuring" finally gets it 
straight, please produce a clear, concise (read as SHORT!) and comprehensive 
document showing EXACTLY how to implement whatever it is we're talking about 
implementing for all three platforms above. Until that happens, I can 
virtually guarantee that we won't change anything, given we're getting along 
just fine without the changes. The only reason I can see for changing (at 
this time) is for compatibility for those driving through the state.

p.s., I've read the web site. It's clear as mud, when I try to make what it 
says line up with what has been written on the sig lately.

So....when it all shakes out, let me know and we'll see about what it's 
going to take to actually implement it.


...hasan, N0AN

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